EXHIBITION | aesthetik01 | 29th, June - 12th, July, 2019 | Solo show | Berlin, Germany



Mankind has begun asking what the next evolutionary step might look like. Humanity remains anxious of the unknown, thus excluding anything that challenges established patterns of thought. The human condition? A repetitive error that prevents our evolution? A standstill that is caused by mere mental apathy?

If moving forward means evolution and evolution is a forward motion, we need to reconcile with our nescience. Allowing the exploration of what lies beyond.

EXHIBITION | Space Place | 26th, July - 9th, August, 2019 | Solo show | Nizhniy Tagil, Russia


Mankind has been looking for short-cuts in science or scientific approaches.

What we know so far lately is that wormholes or blackholes exist in the universe.

Seeking for shortcuts in scientific matter has always felt unnatural or as it was a driven human


My question is: does mankind behave according to it’s instinctively driven species nature that

tries to find the shortest way or most simple solution to solve mathematical or physical questions

that relate e.g. to outer space? It might be an unnatural behaviour that proofs that an „intelligent“

extra terrestrial species can behave in a natural counter flow and its principles. Questioning that

blackholes are created by intelligent species from other galaxies.

All that we can observe in outer space from nebula phenomena shaping new habitable or perhaps

inhabitable planets or galaxies to supernovi in neighbour galaxies.

My personal question: is time a variable that keeps us away from the slightly close answer to that


Have we become slaves of our self-created variable called time?

This is meant to be a letter to mankind emphasising our nescience about the universe.

CATALOGUE | 2014-2018 | 30 x 30 cm


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